Teorema (1968) by Pier Paolo Pasolini

Mara Corday

Nicholas Mottola Jacobsen

A boy collects items thrown by devotees as religious offerings next to idols of the Hindu elephant god Ganesh, the deity of prosperity, a day after they were immersed in the waters of the Sabarmati river in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad.
Photo credit: Amit Dave/Reuters

"la bouche tatoo d’iselin steiro."

"figures" by david sims for vogue paris november 2013.

Zhang Huan, My Japan, 2001

Gustave Doré, illustration for The Divine Comedy, Purgatory

Arachne in Gustave Doré's illustration for Dante’s Purgatorio

We left out some lines. —Dorothy Wordsworth, 04.18.1802

A woman surveys a treacherous mountain pass in the Pyrenees of France, 1956  -  Photograph by Justin Locke, National Geographic
Geoffrey Chaucer, To Rosemounde: A Balade
c. 1477

'What! is not this my place of strength,' she said,
‘My spacious mansion built for me,
Whereof the strong foundation-stones were laid
Since my first memory?’

But in dark corners of her palace stood
Uncertain shapes; and unawares
On white-eyed phantasms weeping tears of blood,
And horrible nightmares,

And hollow shades enclosing hearts of flame,
And, with dim fretted foreheads all,
On corpses three-months-old at noon she came,
That stood against the wall.

A spot of dull stagnation, without light
Or power of movement, seem’d my soul,
Mid onward-sloping motions infinite
Making for one sure goal;

A still salt pool, lock’d in with bars of sand,
Left on the shore, that hears all night
The plunging seas draw backward from the land
Their moon-led waters white;

A star that with the choral starry dance
Join’d not, but stood, and standing saw
The hollow orb of moving Circumstance
Roll’d round by one fix’d law.


— Alfred Lord Tennyson, fromĀ The Palace of Art


champagne for breakfast | jennifer pugh by kimberley gordon for fete champetre ss 14

Not often the walls of the mind become transparentGwenneth Boelens

Aymeline Valade in “A Tall Tale to Tell” by Arnaud Pyvka for Bergdorf Goodman Magazine, Pre-Fall 2014
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